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Axle and spindals ??????

chopper tom

Any of you guys know if 53or54 ford f100 spindles will fit on the earlyer foad car axles [32 -48]? I been told they will ?
Mine is sapos to be a 32 axle but i'm not to sure ?
i think they will ....but . does it the truck spindel have a big ugly part where the steering arm is? the set i have off a '52 does.
I've seen this done but it just doesn't look right. I don't know what's involved in making this swap. Think about the resell value of a T with this set up compared to one with early Ford spindles.

I'm on a very tight budget for now.Even the fancy T's seem to have a low resale valuearound here anyways . i just wanna get it up and runnin and i can upgrade as i get the money and time .
I have a bunch of axles laying around that i have gatherd up and will try to use what i have if i can.
I can understand that. If there is any machining to be done to pull off this swap, then consider that againest a '37 to '40 front axle. Might take a little shopping and dickering but you would be way ahead in the end.


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