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Bad Chinese wheel bearings!


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I asked a couple of mods if it was appropriate to post a thread from another site, but I have not recieved an answer yet and I think this is important. I'm not all too sure about forum protical. This is a link to the HAMB and it discusses Chinese bearings that may be faulty! The car in the thread is NOT a T Bucket, but the issue of wheel bearings effects all hot rods.

Mods, if I am out of line linking to another site, then delete this thread. Here is the link:
Be REALLY carefull .....I bought a front end set up from an outfit in NEBRASKA and it came with Chinese bearings, they didn't fit the spindles (also from the same supplier) so I bought Timkens, they were made in Poland, didn't fit any better.. I had to dress down the spindles to get em to fit.
ALSO, this is not just wheel bearings....a lot of the rod end bearings are also made in china....

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