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Barrett-Jackson starts tonight


Barrett-Jackson on Speed TV for the next 6 days... I've watched over the last 5 years but can't recall if I've ever seen a Bucket on the auction block except for Codington's AlumiTub.
Watched for about an hour today. Some nice looking oldies and new cars. But, yeah come to think of it, I've never seen a Bucket on the block too. Didn't see Boyd's car either. Saw a pretty nice frame off resto 29 Model A pick up. Man that thing was clean.
maybe that is where i should take mine, but i just can't see giving them 10% + unless they got 100+
I stand corrected, it was a 31 model a pick up, not a 29 like I posted earlier.
T-Rex said:
I think the 23 Olds sold for $200K

Yes it did. Rick Hendrick bought it. It was part of the GM registry cars, that GM had in a museum. It had a dual overhead cam IMSA V8 in it with a Halibrand quick change rearend. It was an all steel car.

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