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Battery box


Does the bsttery box mount to the frame, or is it suspended from the floor? I plan on ordering some parts from RPM tomarrow. I am pleased that I found this site, there is alot of valuable info for my build. I also see were RPM is selling ford spindles great to know. Ron will be getting alot of my buisness.:D

I like it mounted to the frame.I know TOTAL suspended it but I don't like it.That's a lot of weight.
I mounted mine to the frame.I didnt want the vibrations messing up the floor or glass body.
I, too, mounted mine to the frame.

Thanks guys, I didn't like the idea of suspending it from the floor. It just seemed like alot of weight hanging on that floor.:D
We also mounted my Sons to the frame. Bought one from Summit and modified the ears to let it sit lower and then welded it to the frame rail.(it's not as close to the driveshaft as the picture looks)

I had to laugh when i picked mine up from the shop cause i could almost put it in my pocket.

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