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Before my T I drove this


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As I fomboled through some junk I came across a old frend to remind me what life was like before a T bucket
Looks like a blast! Can you give us some details on her?
Fred what she was is a 1969 Hurst Rambler known as the Scrambler Production was a mear 1512 it sported every thing that the AMX had in it a 390 ci 4 speed t10 borg warner 356 rear gears and posi with a torq link rear sespention would run 13s all day long stock with f70s red lines.The paint schem is just like it came from Hurst along with the functional snorkol scoop and mabe approx about 300 or less left.
10 years ago or so we built Jr Dragsters and the two daughters raced them. The purple dragster went 8.0 sec at 80 mph in the 1/8. Pretty quick for a 15 year old girl. She sure embarrased the Buick GN and Mustang guys.

Same daughter getting here scolarship from Dolly. Yes I got to give her a hug, Dolly that is.
Customs are for getting the chicks, Hot Rods are for getting away from them.
I had this back in 75. It had been returned to street legal when I got it but still had the rollbar, teardrop hood, 390, 4 speed and 5.13 gears. I got really kick myself in the butt for getting rid of it now. As well as a 60 Falcon sedan delivery with a straight axle. What a dumb@ss I was.

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