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Big Block 460 engine mounts for popular frames

Joe Speno

New Member
I was looking to put a 350/350 in a T-bucket build but ran across a BB Ford 460 on Ebay for $75 and could not pass up. Does anyone know whether there are engine mounts available for Ford BB that will fit Spirit/Speedway/CCR frames ?
i dont know about the buket companys but you can use a tube type universal crosmember, it will work nicely,i used one from chassis enginering on my 51 chevy p-up worked nice so i used the same one to put a bbc in a 33 pontiac for a friend
I have a 460 BB in my T and they do sell them.I am not sure where to get it I bought my car with the frame and motor installed.I will try to find out where the builder got them.
I love these BBF engines. I have a pretty well prepped one sitting on a stand waiting for some future project. Very strong, dependable engines. In a T one would be dynamite. :eek:

Speedway sells a tubular crossmember that I have used in two cars with 302 Ford engines. All you do is punch a 1.5 inch hole in both inside surfaces of the box frame,insert the round tube into each hole, and weld it in place. Ford rubber mounts fit between this crossmember and the Ford engine

I think the problem with the one for the BBF is that the minumum space you need to install it is 28 inches, and most T frames are much less than that, like maybe 20-22 inches inside. Probably the best thing to do would be prop the engine up in your frame and see where the mounts fall, then you could build some off of the rails. I would suggest some sort of tube crossmember running under the frame in that area to strengthen it because this engine weighs like 650 lbs with iron heads.

Here is a picture of the one in the Speedway catalog and also of one for a 302 installed to give you some idea of what I am talking about.


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