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Big redo of the old bucket

I have tried to extract them without success.
When I read this tip, I thought about you. Obviously you have already tried many approaches, so
I offer this as a help to others.

Removing Snapped off Bolts and Studs"To remove a stud or bolt that has snapped off flush
with the surface, place a washer and nut of the same size as the stud, over the broken end, and
fill the nut with weld. Use arc or mig, so that it gets good penetraton in the stud end. Leave it
to cool for a few seconds, then unscrew it as normal. No damage. The heat also helps unstick
the stud." (
I have done this before but i also heat the outside area if possible to make the stud come out
I learned to not rely on my fuel gauge. The gauge is OK, but the sender does not reflect the true amount of fuel in the tank. So I've replaced it with a better one:

On the left is the old sender, the typical float on a swing arm. It requires calibration and gives a rough idea of the fuel remaining. On the right is the new sender. It has a sealed SS tube with a float that rides up and down. The float actuates magnetic switches inside the tube. It requires no calibration and the gauge gives a true reading of the fuel level. Here it is on Amazon:
It comes in many lengths; you want it to not touch the bottom of the tank. My tank is 7" deep and I got the 6-1/2" unit.
Some VDO gauges use the 240-33 ohm standard that this sender does. But some don't. Go to VDO to see if your gauges are compatible.

Unfortunately mine is not compatible. Mine uses a 180-10 ohm sender. I'll certainly keep that in mind when I pick out gauges for my next project tho.
mine when car is not running gives the correct amount once i start the car it bounces all over ,and i have checked the connections so i use a dip stick LOL
That's interesting, Guy. It sounds like an intermittent connection. How is the sender grounded? Does it have a good ground wire or does it depend on the tank for ground? If this is all good, then the sender is suspect. Pull it and look for loose wires, etc.
It's been a long dull summer with no car shows or cruises. I refined my electric shifter:
shifter 2.JPG
Much sturdier mount bolts to tranny. Pots and switches adjust the actuator which attaches to the shift arm. Then a rotary switch on the dash selects the desired gear.

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