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Big T bucket event... for me

OK... So, this may not be a big event to others. But it is to me
Firerd up my bucket for the first time today!:lol:

Started on the forth or fith try, and sounds so sweet with open headers...
But I'll have to muffle it as I live right next door to the ppolice station :rolleyes:
First test drive can't be far off!
Lets see....
Tranny cooler lines
Finish the wiring
Bed sides and wood
Fuel tank
And a million other little things......
Way to go feels good dont it ..:)
big event for us on the forum we have one more guy that will be rideing around with a big grin and haven a ball just like we do. you will be on the road before you know it :) :D :lol:
Way ta go! It just gets better from here on out!:)
Ah the sound of victory!! WE NEED pics
Hey...congrats ":yay:"!!! That's a big step in the right direction. Won't be long now, huh?

OK, your right a photo is in order! If you look close you can see the smoke from the oil burning off headers. ;)

Still got a million things to do yet... But next on the list is building the exhaust system, don't think my naibors will put up with the open headers for too long.
I put a new RPM gas tank in today. Am going to put sealed battery box next to it in trunk.Remember be patient put it together to be safe the first time.
bentbaggerlen said:
OK, your right a photo is in order! If you look close you can see the smoke from the oil burning off headers. ;)
ya mean this smoke? :lol:

Today I'm going to start the exhaust piping, and hope to get the stacks mounted, my nabiors will be so happy shame they don't enjoy open headers as much as we do.;)
I also have most of the steel cut for my fuel tank so I hope to get that at least tacked together. If I'm having a really good day maybe I'll get it all welded up.
But the grass needs to cut...
If you put a plug in the manifold where your finger is, it'll make driving a whole lot easier. LOL

It's funny how fast the car usually comes together once you fire the engine. Seems like it is really a car after that instead of a bunch of parts.

And Yes, we DO want pictures.......or maybe a YouTube. :lol::)

Even bigger T bucket event... for me

When I first started the T-Trucket it had open headers, and it was loud. I thought that I'd better get the exhaust system installed. So I spent this weekend building the exhaust system and bending up the transsmission cooler lines, Oh and I installed the plugs in the manifold :razz: That was all that was needed to make it driver... So, not that it's ready to be driven on the street yet. But soon! Next step is to build the fuel tank, that gas can sitting on the bed just won't cut it!"
Re: Even bigger T bucket event... for me

Man it's inspirational the read your posts. Great to see you moving forward. This is the part that causes me sleepless nights.


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