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blower question


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I talked to the MSD rep at the drags today and he recommended a 8570 distributor with a MSD 6BTM box for my small block with 4-71. The distributor is not a big deal, but has anyone used this box? It's supposed to use a boost referenced retard to allow higher advance when no boost, and retard under heavy booost.

Any reports from youse guys?
ime running 351 cleveland with 871 blower with two 4 barrels. ime runnng a short unilite at 16*above tbc and at 3000rpm right ar 30* hope this helps mike
I got one on my car and it seems to work just fine. You can run more initial timing and not worry about detonation. It allows the engine to to have a lot more low end torque. As I am sure you know detonation will kill a motor real quick.:lol:

I'm running just the MSD 6A box right now and it's fine. Remember, the blower won't reach max boost until your at full wide open throttle, and how often is that. As long as you don't go over 6-8 lbs of boost you should be fine without the BTM box. Save your coins and get ya a good blower cam.

It's all about the look and blower whine anyway. :lol:
Thanks to all, That's what I needed. Now I can maybe afford the cam too! A savings of around $200. I'm glad I asked!

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