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Bobby from Indianapolis


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Hey guys. Been a member for about a week now. Just reading through all your threads has given me lots of info. Thanks guys. It's T-bucket project is under way. I just got my frame last night. It has no brackets welded to it yet, just a standard rectangle with a kickup in the rear. Time for me to start acquiring parts for it. The plan is to put one of my uncle's Ford 302's in it...can't pass up a "gimme deal". Other than that I have nothing else, but a little cash. I'm trying to put it together cheap, with used parts. If anyone has ideas on how to save money on parts, or has extra parts, brackets, etc. laying around they'd sell cheap, let me know. Thanks again guys. I will post pics of my progress.
:rofl: Lots of great info here and these guy's wont lead you astray I have learned a ton from them ,,

Welcome aboard the board :cool:

feel free to ask question, we like questions.......may not always have the right answer, but we'll make ya think we do :lol:

Butch left me out:cry:I have a 351 Winsor with a c-4 and a shift kit in mine.
Welcome to the site Bobby. Keep us posted on your progress and we'll answer your questions.

Man, I love it when I hear we've inspired some one to head for the garage!

Got a Ford in mine to...:lol:
Welcome to the forum and congrats on stating your build. I'm no expert, but I have just completed my first build. If you have any questions, toss 'em out. If I can't answer you, someone else will. We look out for eachother here and welcome new blood.

Stay the course, the best is yet to come.
Hello Bobby. I can identify with the starting point as well. I started off with a Corvair Steering box that a friend gave me. I didn't have anything else at the time. Just stay dilligent and it will finally happen though. I got stalled a few times and got encouragment from friends to get back to work on it. Even part of the time I worked on it with one arm as I had injured my right arm in an accident. Persistance pays off. After 7 years, I'm finally reaching the finishing stages and it really feels great. You can find parts in the strangest places. I guess everything on my car has some kind of "story" that goes with it. I got the front axle and the differential at yard sales believe it or not. It might be kinda fun to keep a journal of the entire build. I wish I had done that. Since it has taken me about three times longer than the average builder, It might be mouldy by now............Never give up and you will get there.

Good Luck with it

Thanks for all the replies. It's nice to know that if I get stuck or need advice that I have all of you here. I kinda wanted to build a bucket for a while, but I really got the bug after reading tfeverfred's numerous pages on his Miss Behavin project. I'm looking to buy a body in the next couple days. I'm leaning towards the Total performance T-body with bed and floor. I'd really like to find one local (Indiana) so I can get it sooner and save the shipping costs. Again, if anyone has extra parts to get rid of cheap...I'm your guy!!!!!!!
Welcome to the sight man ,i'm a chevy kinda guy but i build on the cheep also .i have some good ideas on saveing money [at least till ya get some money to update your build with]
i'm just gettin a good start on mine right now ,i'm useing an old 1950 chevy truck axle and a trailer spring form tractor supply ,and i'm makin my own rear latter bares and useing an old coil spring and making my own buckets for the rear and useing an s-10 frount shock on the rear .
I was lucky enough to find a corvair box and reversed it .[but i have used mustang and falcon box on my last build and it worked well ]
I have a bunch of money saving ideas if you can weld good and fabracate . Hope i can help .theres tones of knowledge on here!!!
Welcome Bobby

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