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Body Filler and Hardener

Hey guys,

How long does Body Filler and Hardener last? I have to fix some spots on my bucket and I've got a can that's been in the garage for a year.

Thanks, T-Bucket Bob
If it was closed tight, it should be OK. Mix up a small test batch. I fyou have any doubt, buy some more.

The hardener is usually the first to go, depending on if it was stored in a cool place (like a fridge) or in a hot shop or garage. Just for GP I would buy new hardener and not risk the stuff messing up on you. The filler should be ok if you closed the lid tight and stir it very well before using it.

Here in Florida we have a real problem keeping fresh paint and hardener on hand. I had some stored in my shop for about 30 days , it got sour on me and started shooting out of the gun like spider webs! :eek: That was NOT the finish I was after. The lady at the paint store told me to keep the hardener in either an air conditioned area or a fridge, because once the air gets to it the clock starts ticking...........heat speeds up the process of getting old.

BTW, the same goes for all the hardeners..........for fiberglass resin, body filler, and paint.


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