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Body For Triumph Frame

Need some dimensions from the TR-6 to make a recommendation. Most T-buckets bodies are made to fit a frame that's set up like this one.

CCR Chassis.jpg

(Frame is about 26.5" wide and 103" long.)
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How important is using the Triumph frame? Getting an old frame will be expensive to buy and fix. Would you be satisfied with Triumph drive train in a bucket? That would be a cool set up with a track nose and wire wheels.
I'm assuming that a TR3 has an independent front suspension. How is that going to look with a fenderless front end. If you're good with that look, go for it! It's your design. Don't worry about what anyone else thinks. Can't wait to see it on the road!
If that’s the correct frame, a standard 23 ish body should be easy to adapt. Channeling would depend on dimensions.
The nice thing about using the TR3 frame is much of the hard stuff is done. Maybe things will need to be redone but there’s not much engineering to be done for the frame. Especially if you compare the work required to build a t bucket frame from scratch. How much room for a non-stock engine and trans?
Sounds like an interesting project the more I think about it.
Maybe Ron's "Big Boy" body would fit, You have to give us some dimensions, maybe a quick sketch showing width of frame and wheel base at a minimum
A tr 4 frame is bigger than a tr 3. The tr 6 was built on the tr 4 frame. With the tr 4 frame you could use a tr 6 drivetrain. The tr 250 a.k.a tr 5 was a tr4 with a tr6 drivetrain.
I miss those old triumphs. My dad had numbers of them growing up as he bought and sold cars from the dealerships he did body work for in his shop. One of my first driving experiences... not a very big transition from gocarts except shifting!
while i'm not able to offer assistance i am following this one. kudos for building something that has special meaning to you.

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