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Body snatched

The problem is you can try to be as safe as you can. It's the other jerkass that you have to be afraid of. And you never know what they're going to do.
They might blow a stop sign, change lanes without looking. The list goes on. You'll never be able to control them.
Pushrod, your car is coming along great, a lot of thought going into it. Makes me wish I did what you are doing instead of buying someone elses problems. Keep posting progress.
As unsafe as these cars are by design, some foresight and effort can prevent a minor event from becoming tragic.
fletcherson, Today at 1:07 AM

Yes it is called DEFENSIVE driving just like when you ride a motorcycle.
I ride hard at times, I drive the same way. My thought is in the process of building it, I’m making it as strong and safe as possible. Some guys wear leathers and helmets on bikes too... do they expect to crash? I doubt it, but they do want to walk away if they do.
Lookin' good, Pushrod:thumbsup: Keep up the good work, and you'll be on the road before you know it!
I haven't given a progress report in awhile.... I finished the trans tunnel and made the riser brackets for the seats. I had to scrap the racing seat idea, they took up too much valuable space. I'm making a bench type seat instead, it will fit farther back in the body. The steering column bracket and dash support are mounted in, I gotta get some double D rod, and cut the hole in the firewall, and I can get the column in. Damn, I'm having fun.


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Hey, that's coming along nicely!

Sorry about having to shift gears and re-plan the seating, but if that's all you have to re-plan, you're better than most . . .
Saw a neat way to make a trans tunnel. Put 1” foam rubber over the trans and tuck it under the floor. Cover with packing tape or masking tape and apply glass and resin. You have an air tape but not much more. Got it from the How ToBuild A T-Bucket Plans video.
I finished the seat frame of the simple bench seat today. The back sides are reinforced with steel brackets on the seat and seat back with a layer of fiberglass, everything is bolted together with grade 8 hardware. The seat and back will come apart for upholstering this winter, in the basement. The position of the seat gives me valuable room to stretch out my legs. I can get back to the steering column installation now that the seat position is set. Looks like the warm weather is over for now, we had frost last night with wet snow and rain forecasted for Thursday. Me and this over-sized go kart had a great summer. ;)


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Don't slack off now, I think you got this! ;)

Looking great so far!
I know it's 3/4" plywood, but I think you need some support on the outside edges. JMO
I've already addressed that, I made a couple steel pins that will attach to the inner wood panels at each corner of the seat....they won't be visible and should give the corners more support. My wife wondered why the one on her side was larger than the driver side.....:rolleyes: (not really)

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