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Body snatched

I've already addressed that, I made a couple steel pins that will attach to the inner wood panels at each corner of the seat....they won't be visible and should give the corners more support. My wife wondered why the one on her side was larger than the driver side.....:rolleyes: (not really)
Honey, does this seat make my ass look fat? Lol... I too make comments not appreciated by the better half.... it’s ok, I have climate control and a bathroom in the shop.
Don't her see these responses.....LOL....
I picked up a set of stanchions from a '26 Model T open car, they were crusty, and a little bent...but the blast cabinet and some primer made them presentable again. I cut them down to 17.5 inches, I'm fabricating my windshield now for that height.IMG_1868.jpgIMG_1867.jpg
The '26/'27 frames make it easier for a top as they are splayed out to match the width of the rear of the bucket. JMTCW
Is there a cap across the top, or just the side stanchions . . .

It looks nice and clean, just like it is.
Thanks, I'm going with just the straight edge of glass across the top. The other sides will be framed. I'm rebuilding a 1925 Model T windshield frame I picked up cheap.
My bench seat went to the upholsterer yesterday, it'll be simple, no tufts or roll and tuck......things are moving along.
Looks good, man!
You're a brave man, Pushrod. The 37 degrees is not too bad in itself. But all the tools and everything you touch are 37 degrees, also! That gets cold on your hands!
I've had some minor frostbite over the years. That seems to make things that are cold even colder. If I have to be out there when it's cold, I will be.
If it's just for fun things, like working on my Bucket, I can wait for warmer days.
The windshield frame pieces have been fabricated and ready for the blast cabinet, then some light welding and finish work. Making a frame from two crusty Model T frames has been challenging, but I think it should work out. $60 invested in it so far....IMG_1909.jpg
Sizing up the gas tank brackets this morning......and the tank hasn't even been delivered yet. View attachment 15628

You might want to put the clamp bolts towards the body. Gives a nice clean line at the back f the tank for the straps.

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