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Brake bleeding. Whoa, Nelly!

Here is a pic of the brake bleeder kit. The brand name is OEM and the PN# 25036. It sells for $6.00. DO NOT PAY $18.00 for same thing on the internet!


These are the speed bleeders. There are a few different companies that make them. MAKE SURE YOU GET THE ONES WITH THE MATERIAL ON THE THREADS! They prevent air and fluid from escaping!

The brand name is "Help!":lol: and the PN# 12703. I paid $12.00 for two fittings. I have seen them go for $7.00 each on the net. Both these items are available at your local auto parts store. The speed bleeders were not in stock for my rearend, but were normal stock. I guess there was a run on them.:lol:
The correct fitting arrived today from Total and I swapped it out with the one that was fabbed and rebleed the brakes. There was nothing wrong with the one that the guy fabbed for me, but I just feel better using what is intended. I'll keep the fabbed one for a spare.

All is well in my universe now. I'll be going to pick up the engine soon! Possibly this weekend!:D

I have written a letter to Santa Claus asking for a body. I think I've been good and he should hook me up.:lol:
man i wish my brakes went as smooth as yours
i chased leaks all day the T fitting leaked
the fitting that has the brake light leaked
and my master cyl front brake ( rear of car )
90 0 fitting leaked i have disk rears
the lines you bend for your self looked bad to me
so i got ss briaded lines they look good
my prob was i couldnt get the double flar right
my cheap tool kept letting the tubbing slide
but the braded lines solved that and it looks good
the guy a the speed shop told me to put teflon tape
on the brake light thing and that solved that
now all im dealing with is the master fitting
very small leak something in the an fitting i think

now on to bleeding i bought a bleeder you hook to
air and it makes vacume but i cant get a firm pedel
i bench bled my master on the car thought it was ok
i see there are 4 bleeder screws on the front calibers
and 2 on the rears is htere an order to bleeding these
i hate brakes lol

wanna come do mine for me fred ????
Mike said:
Annealed tubing bends pretty easily. I used to work in a hard parts store and we kept a length of it that had been tied in a bow, to show how easy it was to bend.

Pete's correct, the AN flares will seal on the flare, same as a standard, double-flared brake line. The only place you will need any thread sealant is in areas where you have pipe threads.

If you are using sealer on brake lines you are doing something wrong. Properly installed lines will have all flared fitttings and couplings and NEVER require sealer. Brakes need to be done properly. It can be life or death

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