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Brake proportioning valve kit

altered 09

New Member
Has any one used the proportioning valve kit from Speedway #91031367? Looks clean and compact with the brake light switch included. the reviews are a little mixed.
I didn't use that valve when I installed a new braking system on my car, so I can't directly answer that question. If you are concerned about the mixed reviews I would suggest considering the Wilwood 260-11179 Proportioning Valve as a possible alternative. It has the same features, except that model does not have the mounting bracket. I used that valve when I recently completed a complete revamp of my braking system and mounted it to a cross member near the master cylinder. It gets very good reviews on Speedway and I think Wilwood makes quality products. It is $85.99 plus shipping on Speedway but I got mine on Amazon (with excellent reviews) for $70.88 with free shipping. I'm not an brake system person so you may want to pay more attention to comments from those who are.

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