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brakes staing on

Today there is snow, so it may be awhile before I get it on the road again. I'll let you guys know when I do.
Maybe that is why my car's brakes work so good is my little 180 horse 289 is just right too NOT get me in trouble...........Damn I buy much less gas and get to the gas station right along with the Big Boys too......LOL...
I'm sure that 289 is more than capeable of getting you in trouble! I've had a few, my dad used to sell cars and mustangs were one of his favorites, the true, original mustangs. Nothing against 5.0 stangs, I just like the classics.
Rubicon...sounds like you found your problem.
Don't overthink things and take the fun factor out. ;)

The old "you need them, you don't need them" argument about PV's and RPV's is silly.
There are so many variations within these homebuilt Hot Rods that the argument is totally pointless.
Some, like me, will find the need and make good use of the parts...others will have absolutely no need for either!

You CANNOT file all these cars into the same folder and make the blanket statement that the parts are either 100% required or 100% not required.

There are soooo many small differences between similar cars that there is no simple, easy answer.
Tire diameter, tire width, rubber compound VS road surface, rotor/drum diameter, self or non-energizing brakes, coefficient of friction of pad/shoe material, pad surface area, caliper just goes on and on.

Put the car together with quality parts and test.
IF you need something added its not rocket science to make the change.
Right on! I like to get people's experience as well as their particular setups to help put things into perspective, but preference, driving style, along with the other variables all figure in. Theory is great, but experience proves or disproves it.
The problem is the brake pedal not returning all the way back. Should there be a return spring on the pedal? I added one today and will try it tomorrow.
Well, I'll be damned. I wondered what that hole was for.
That's exactly what I did. Found a spring at Lowes. Used a longer bolt so I could add a fender washer with a hole drilled in it for the other end of the spring. Work great problem solved. Thanks for everyone's help.

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