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Brass Monkey Run 2007


New Member
Some pics taken T a run called the Brass Monkey Run, here in the UK a cruise 4 days after christmas to the Norfolk coast after meeting up with some others the cruise was around 40miles but I did around 180 miles round trip, it was around 3 degrees but the wind was icy and made if feel -3.
Two pairs of trousers tow coats, long wooly socks a scarff, a wooly hat and gloves........ It was great fun!!!
Brrrrrrrrrr!:eek: Even at 37 degrees, that's a chilly one! Great to hear you guys across the pond like to drive 'em as well as build 'em.:welcome:
sorry I forgot about the difference, yes 37degrees and it was cold, but FUN!

I am making some qick realease side windows to make it a bit more 'user freindly'

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