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Brians Tub


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As i said before Brian sold his old bucket body and a guy here Andy bought it and Brian and jim Put The NEW TUB boby to good use useing Brians old parts these are pics of the real car and not decals.The tires are just rollers big meats a commin.The engine is a LS6 454/505 hp and has done the quarter at 10.40/130 mph with the old body.




Almost fergot the car will be Candy Apple Red.(i think thats what he said)
It's so good to know that Brian is still kicking around T Buckets. Hell, if it wasn't for him, I may have given up when I first started. I bugged the HELL out of that guy. TP must not have had caller ID, because they answered the phone every time I called.
Brian and Jim WERE the people to talk to about T-Buckets as you said i would be lost with out them at least i still have Jim to bug.(hear that Jim?)And guess what.AND HE DONT HAVE CALLER I.D. EITHER or he wouldnt pick up the phone when i call him all the time.Oh buy the way Brian will be at Wintec tomorrow around 11:00 give him 11:30 and he's sure to be there.

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