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Bro T and the Buckethead

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Here is a project we just started and will video all the way through. I hope we don't cross any lines, well maybe I like to push the limit. I do think it will be informitive and the whole project should be done by the end of April.
Turn up your sound and give it a few seconds to load.
Bro. T and the buckethead
I think that this is totally out of line. This is NOT a religious site. This type of thing does not belong on the Forum, nor do political posts. Many will remember a while back on the NTBA where expressed political and religious beliefs caused a lot of trouble and many dropped out. I would hate to see that happen because we have a very good thing started here. Perhaps you may think that I am out of line but I really would like to see this site flourish and bring religion into it is NOT the way.
The limit may have been pushed. Just my opinion, but there is a place for everything and issues such as politics and religion are best left to their places.

With that said, good luck with the project.
Well, I don't know where the right place for this is, but if it's got anything to do with building a T-Bucket count me in.
Well, I don't know where the right place for this is, but if it's got anything to do with building a T-Bucket count me in.

This might be a nice place for it.

This is going to be a very sticky situation. I'll see myself out.

Opps. That site is for Christians. See, we already have conflict.
I will have the video of the fiberglass body build uploaded on Mon. It shows us prepping the mold, putting gel on the mold, choping the mold, then pulling the body. This week we will be shooting video of the frame being built and that should be ready to up load a week from Mon. We are building a bucket for a Baptist preacher, Brother Tommy AKA Bro. T and this is the way we are going to put the video together. The title of this thread is projects and we plan on doing a video account of the whole build. If it was not bucket related I would not have even considered posting a link here. I fully respect the decision of the web master as to whether the post stays or goes.
We are building the Tom Danial paddy wagon and will have video of that when we start the project next week. Paddy Wagon
past projects

We have a couple of people on staff just to do video and media stuff. We are trying to put up as much tec stuff as we can to help others build there rides. We have just started using this new technology and can only use the projects we are working on in the shop. Link to videos
Fred is 100% right...

the proper place for posts that are religious based and have to do with street rods is The Christian Hot Rod Association. I appreciate the work that BC is going to do to educate us on building a Bucket but doing it as a religious educational experience is just wrong on this Forum.

I do hope that the moderator will step in and nip this thing in the bud. We should not offend people of other faiths on this forum by subjecting them to the preachings of another belief just to get some helpful information on building a Bucket. There is a proper place for that sort of thing and it is NOT here.
It's quite simple really. Just don't follow this thread. As for me they have my full attention.

I'm going to stand beside EX-JUNK on this one. I don't want to see this site faulter because of this. I will not be watching this thread any longer. I hope the Paddy Wagon build will be of a different nature.

:cool: id rather see the build done to some type of rockabilly music , or regular rod comentary , i hope the paddywagon video is cool id like to follow that :D
Paddy wagon

They are making a pilot show out of it. We are just building the plug, mold, and 3 bodys for them to build the project out of. Any video we show will have to be approved by Black Knight productions and Tom Daniel first. But I assure you it will not be like a lot of the other hotrod shows in that we won't need to use the "Beep" button. We want to get at least several weeks ahead of the project before we start posting video. I'm not sure where we will put them yet.
As for (Bro T and the Buckethead) it is hosted at BUR3N stands for "Believers United ....rodders....racers....riders.... Network" So be warned don't go there if your offended by a name I won't mention here.
It's not my goal to offend anyone by producing videos. We just want to promote a hobby I love and am blessed to be able to make my living in. In all we do we want to do it in a family friendly way and have fun meeting fellow rodders. I don't care if your a member of the H.A.M.B or RFC if you like cars we got something in common.
OK, to get all the cards on the table, let me make everyone aware that I am a retired pastor of a mainstream Christian denomination. I am aware of just how deeply our religious faith in ingrained within us. I have never found the discussion of religious faith to be one that can take place in a casual atmosphere, rather it is one that should take place between individuals that have agreed upon the time and the place and one that should take place when complete focus can be placed upon the topic at hand.

We all know religion and politics are the two most divisive topics known to man. And, being divisive, we have no want or need of them here.

I strongly urge and support the practice and expression of religious faith - just not on an automotive discussion forum. I do not intend to make this site one of religious vacuum, merely a site where peace is maintained among the members.


Not open for further replies.

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