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Well, The wheels are polished and all frame and chasis componants painted. Little V mixed the paint and did a great job for a first spray. This Wednesday I will start assembly or the wife will kill me for using the dining room table for parts storage!!!


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You are getting there, You also have a good polisher I see, mine died on me :( He loved to polish my T Bucket, He is sourly missed, also as a good Friend... I do want to say this about those type of steering arms, make sure that you use good bolts, and as long as possible, by that I mean to use up all the threads inside those arms, and!! use drilled head bolts that will take safety wire, why? because I have seen way too many of that type of arm work themselves loose and cause a crash, myself, if I were to use that type, they would take 3 bolts instead of just 2, have an extra arm... Not a bitch, just a warning ahead of time.. :)
Now, assemble it a start DRIVING it. Looks like little V has done a good job.


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