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Budget coil overs


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Currently I have chrome coil overs ( I think 150 lb ) from T performance. One of them is leaking oil.

Are they rebuildable or lifetime warrantee ??

I assume not. Is there a budget coil over shock outlet somewhere? I like the chrome and black 250 lb version American has.

Please advise if you know where I can buy coil over's cheap. Thanks.
Ya, me too, lemme know where we can score some coil-overs:D:cool:

The least expensive I have seen is about $ 369 a pair for some Carrera shocks from Speedway. I have bought two pair from Total Performance so far,and I think they were about $ 425 a pair. Both the Speedway and TP are chromed.

TP also carries a set that are not chromed for $ 328, or one with a chrome shock and powder coated spring for $ 361.

So it looks like the Speedway all chrome ones at $ 369 aren't too bad of a deal.

I use the Speedway coil overs. They are $141.99 each. I use the 165 lb springs.
I have a combined driver/passenger weight of approx. 400 lb. Will the 165 lb. Carrerra's be OK or should I step up to the 200 lb version ?
The ones I use are adjustable and made for a sand buggy. They seem to work well. I have driven over a few bumps while test driving and they seem okay. They cost me $70 for a pair. The reason I tried them was that I figured if a sand buggy, which has the weight of the engine in the rear, could fly over dunes and land nice, then they should work for a T Bucket. All seems well, so far. Extended driving will be the true test, but I don't see any problems in the future.
Any reg shock of the same size can be made into a coilover if you need to, a pipe cutter with a dulled [ rounded so it dose not cut] can be placed on the shock tube and worked like you cut,but you will be putting a dent in for the ring clip to fit in,same store got ones with the grove all ready there for bigger bucks.;) Do it to a old used-up shock to get the feel the first time.
We made these coilovers from some Pete & Jakes shocks. They aren't particularly hard to do ...if you have the equipment to do them. It wouldn't be practical to pay someone else to do them. few bucks cash outlay and quite a bit of time, but the kids that helped learned some things about machine work.

Thats Interesting. I haven't looked into this before. Your post reminded me of something I saw in the Speedway catalog. Sorry, I don't know how to post it here. Bill calls it a "coil over mounting kit", pn# 255-1951. Would this be something to consider?


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