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Jag rear end coil-overs


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We have a T that had a transverse leaf spring over a Chrysler 8 3/4 diff. with 4 chrome shocks, mounted sort of like on a Jag rear end. I pulled the leaf spring and shocks and replaced them with 4 coil-overs and a panhard bar, seemed like the easy thing to do. The body and engine and stuff aren't on the chassis yet, but I can tell that the 4 160 lb. springs that I had for the coil-overs are going to be too stiff. What capacity springs do you guys with real Jag rear ends use?

You can't compare the use of the 4 coilovers on a solid rear with the coilovers as used by the Jag. The Jag has the factor of leverage acting on the shocks. The angle of attack on the springs is also present in the Jag design. Check out the drawing.

Ohhhhh man, can I talk about spring rates with a Jag in a T-bucket!! GAB has been through this with me, so he can back me up. I started with 300# springs (4 of them!!) thinking the leverage of the Jag would overcome the big springs... WRONG!!! So I went down incrementally from 300 to 250 to 200 to 180 to what I have now... which are as close to perfect as I think I can get... 160s!!! Good compromise between soft ride and bottoming out the suspension on moderately rough roads.

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