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Busy for a couple of days


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I was away from here for a couple of days. I am fiercely-proud of my Scottish heritage and have been active in trying to help promote Scotland's independence. With the elections on 3 May and the subsequent snafu in counting ballots, I've been busy watching that drama unfold. And then I was busy for a bit, celebrating the outcome of the election. :eek:

I work in the high-performance aftermarket and I noticed we now have a flier posted, at the shop, for an upcoming car show. How's the car show season coming together for the rest of you? Are you fortunate enough that the season is already in full swing?
We have a lot car shows here in Michigan, but they all seem to be on week days in the afternoon or evenings. I work evenings so don't to get to see any. If anyone in MI. checks this site out and knows of any weekend events, please post.:lol:

When I get my T-Bucket kit I'm going to have car show in my garage every day of the week until it gets finished. You all will be welcome to stop by anytime. (once I get started of course). Looking forward to that day.;)


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