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Butch's t bucket

Nice start ,,I bet you will come in around 950 pounds with that block..:D
This will make it easier for folks to check it out!


I REALLY like where you're headed with the look! It gonna be sweet!:D I'm liking the Norm G grill you have.
Fred: I'm much further along now and Thomas is helping with the heavy lifting.LOL Just waiting for my carb.
Great start Butch. What cha runnin' for a trans?


P.S. Say "Hi" to Thomas for us.
A C-4 and a 1946 Ford open-drive rear end. '54 Ford truck steering box. Econoline spindles ( would'nt use these again) -Parts hard to find. Home made frame and everything else. It's fun to make stuff.
Right out of the movies! That is going to be a sweet ride... so you're staying with the wishbones in the rear? I didn't know they could handle higher HP of engines typically used (think I read that somewhere so that's why I'm asking as I really don't know)... I'm always trying to learn more... :eek:
I have torque rods hidden under there and gussets everywhere you can imagine . Plus I've moved the front top radius rod UP in case you noticed they were not even.
Hey about an update.........

O.K. Engine in - car rolling- and steering- running wires to start the darn thing. Have to do some column mast work and I think I'll need a longer steering arm for the drag link to line up better. Radiator hoses and tons of little stuff is costing money. I'll try to post a picture again ( it looks the same but has a lot more done).
Rooster57: Tim, That's how I like to build also. Your car looks great. I love the planning -making parts etc. He it keeps me out of the strop joints.:rulz:
Hey Butch i posted that i have a Holley 600 you can pick up and if you keep it give me what you think its worth.It's in near new condition
Rick: I got an Edelbrock ( almost free) Thanks anyway. Haven't seen or heard from Thomas. Guess he just got discusted with it all after he broke the Radius Rods?? Hope he gets back into it but Winter is coming.
it's a great T Butch. love the look! don't clean the white walls 'til it's done. they add to the look in a huge way.

I know that, but it gives a cool look to the car now, kind like a picture taken years ago.


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