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I can see now this place is becoming NTBA 2. So see ya.
I think he ment NTBA. National T Bucket Association. He must have read something he didnt like. He will cool off and be back i will bet.
I think he means NTBA, he fat fingered the last letter.
Rick, What's up?
What's up Rick???? You been here from the start. we certainly don't want to loose you kmow. Let's find a way to work this out so we can get on with buildin T buckets.

Well let's see... NTBA 10+ years going and there are a few that don't get along, certain people that consider almost every member family, and some that are best friends... and occasionally (usually during hte winter months) something gets said that gets another member upset.

T Bucketeers is NOT immune to any of the above.

In fact I'd say every board on which I post daily (and there are MANY) this scenario has played out.

It's a fact of life folks. It ain't all flowers and sunshine and occasionally someone doesn't agree with someone else.

To this I say grow a pair and man up, ya gotta have thick skin if you're going to converse with others online because somethings are NOT how you R_E_A_D them.

Come to think of it... (over 7,000 members I think) I've never seen a quabble so forget waht I said.

(Rosanne Rosanandana: "Nevermind")

Then again, if you're looking for flamewar after flamewar 24/7 go to and click the POLITICS tab. It never ends there.

Sorry folks, I tend to not understand the NTBA hate coming from the bucketheads over here sometimes.

I consider all you bucketheads members of my family, NTBA or not.
Here's my take on this NTBA for once and for all. The guys on that site, which include RPM, blownT, ex junk, to name a few are very knowledgeable. They are all also on here and contrube often. For those of you that haven't looked at the tech pages over there, you are missing a great sorce of info. My hat's off to those guys.

Now consider this, what are we here for? a popularity contest or to help each other built a T? To be blunt, I'm here for the guy that wants to talk about cars. This is NOT the place to bash personalities, discuss religion or politics. There are other more approprate forums for that. I would hate to see anyone turn thier back on this site, that hurts everyone here, but if that person feels he needs to do that ... well.....

Let's really try to put this behind us once and for all time because it's truely a step backward.

I emailed Rick and asked him why he was leaving and I understand his reasoning. I respect that his answer was a communication between he and I so I won't reveal his answer here and my comments below are mine. Suffice it to say that I agree with him to a degree.

Like T-odd I belong to several forums and check them daily. There are a lot of pricks out there. A few of the forums welcome you in but most of them display the "what do you mean invading our space" attitude. I have a 'prick quotient' that I attach to the signature of my posts on some of the (VW) forums. It''s a formula I devised to indicate the percentage of pricks on the forum determined by the number replies I've received compared to the number of views. The higher the percentage the greater the number of pricks. For the most part I've learned to bite my tongue, sit back and read and keep my mouth shut. When I've gleaned the information I want I leave. I was doing fine before I joined these forums and I'll do fine when I leave.

I don't join organizations, although I have been a member of the NSRA and NTBA, and others, in the past. Most of these organizations were formed with good intentions but quickly regressed into an oligarchy populated by trailer queen owners who use their position, money and influence to reach their own goals with little consideration for the hobby. So many of the general membership behave like 15 year old school boys when they see that one of the members who had a car in Hot Rod magazine has joined their ranks and now consider that person an 'expert' who should be bowed to with all the reverance owed to royalty.

An example of this oligarchy is the SEMA model that was presented and endorsed by the aforementioned organizations. Everyone thinks it's a boon to street rodders that some states will now allow us to register our vehicles as the year they represent. The tradeoff is the paragraph that says where we can drive them. This language is fine for those who build show cars but only hurts those of us who enjoy the hobby in its purist form. Not all states considering this legislation are adopting the model in its entirety but those that do have doomed the street rod hobby. The NSRA, by their support and promotion of this compromise, were critical in this legislation being considered and passed by some states. Who gave these people the right to speak for me? As I wrote in another post, I am delaying my build and will be watching how Iowa's new legislation effects the hobby and if it is as anti-street rodder as it has the potential to be I will spend my money on something else and say good bye to street rodding.

I see a lot of things on this forum that I don't like but, again, I bite my tongue (most of the time). I'm here to gather information and contribute where I can. I almost left the forum a few months ago over the donation issue. So few were subsidizing the many with their donations. The auctions have helped greatly in alleviating a lot of the forums financial woes but the freeloaders are still freeloading. I guess they feel if they can't hold something in their hand they aren't going to pay for it. They lose sight of the fact that the most valuable commodity that this forum offers is the intangible knowledge they've gained from the postings here while struggling with their build. Let them try to find that elsewhere for a $5.00 donation once in awhile.

Keep on truckin' Rick. I thoroughly understand your reasons and I have no ill feelings with your decision.
I also think in the currant climate with the economy in shambles this tends to make most of us "edgier " than normal so i think being more flexable with comments that are posted is a good idea. Take into consideration who you are talking to and their current situation and respond acordingly.
It's an Internet discussion forum. People come and people go. And yet, life goes on. There is an ebb and flow in every single forum I have ever been associated with and there's no stopping it. I've been floating about BBS's and forums for 29 years now and I've yet to see a forum not have personality clashes.

I've no issues whatsoever with the NTBA. I've bumped into a couple of NTBA regulars that I've no time for, but that's just life in the real world. One came here and made what I felt were a couple of ill-considered comments as to how people should conduct themselves over there. I gave his comments a lot of consideration and decided to take his advice and simply avoid that site. <shrug> Not taking part in those forums is no real great loss to either the NTBA or myself. (Although the forums were the only benefit I derived from the NTBA and therefore my dues renewal went into the bin when it arrived. So I do wonder how many people the NTBA can afford to lose to that same 'advice'.)

The rules and guidelines by which this forum and its members are governed are posted here - Forum Rules and Etiquette

Our Terms of Service are located here - Terms of Service and Legal Notices

As long as everyone is observing our rules and guidelines and not making a complete donkey of themselves in the so-doing, then we come right back to my first comment - it's an Internet discussion forum. We would be a boring lot if we all shared the same likes, dislikes, thoughts and ideas.

Rick, I hope you'll get a chance to cool off and reconsider. If you don't, I understand. Blue skies and safe cruises to you.
Hello It's a great day!

You could say I'm a bit of an historian when it comes to Internet message boards as I started hosting a BBS (bulletin board service) in 1995 thats old in Internet years.
As for comparing this site to the tbucket association or alliance or what ever they are is very unfair. My biggest memory of that group is that they were not very vendor friendly and there was a lot of mean spirited threads that were not removed in a timely fashion.
As for the site I think it's best to remember when we come here we are in someone else's house. Our kind host has provided a place for us to gather and socialize with T buckets as our common interest.
As a vendor we see the value of this place and will continue to support it. The web master here is providing a service here at no cost and I for one want to thank him for that. The ground rules have been established for this party and I have found the forum to be very open and friendly with lots of good info.
Webmaster all I can really say is THANKS and keep up the good work
Re: Hello It's a great day!

I like the way this forum addresses an issue right away, and doesnt let it get to out of hand. Thanks
I agree with you 100% Rooster.

Once in a while you will have topics that have nothing to do with buckets or a thread gets hijacked and goes in a different direction.Sometimes the people that start these get upset but that is like any conversation. I have had issues where certain people have made comments that I didn't know what I was talking about but really I don't personally know them.I am done with my rant. But am here to stay on the best bucket site.

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