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Those of you that transport your T long distance, hwat size enclosed trailer do your use?

8'W X __' L or 8.5'W X __' L

Just trying to get some ideas.


my fifth wheel toy box is 40ft and the garage is 12ft long. when i take off the wheelie bars my t will fit in the garage with 5in to spare
Yeah, it's a Pace. If you have really wide rear tires, you'd probably have to take them off, although mine fit just fine.

I'm in the Dallas area, and I would prefer to give a buckethead a good price on this trailer. It's about 3 years old, and has less than 5,000 miles on it.
Thanks for the info guys. Went up to NY for the 4th to visit family on Lake Ontario between Syracuse and Watertown. Man, you couldn't have paid the weather guessers for a better weekend. Long drive from SC but well worth it. I fried a turkey for them yanks and it was big hit.:lol:

Besides I couldn't bring back any Genesee Beer!

Great stuff, especially the dope on the 5th wheel toy hauler.

Phew, a 40 footer, man I can see that filling my short drive way! :eek:

With the narrow rears an 8 wide will probably work, but on the other hand 8.5 wide allows more walk around room and the 16-18 foot length seems plenty.

old round fart "
Trailers? Don't those go BEHIND the bucket? Just thought I'd beat T-odd to it!"

Hey now, my bucket's been on a trailer twice. Once when I bought it and brought it back from North Carolina and then I trailered it to the NTTB BBQ last year.

But I certainly prefer to be behind the wheel of my hotrod.
Well, back in August I did it. We traded in the 1998 27' travel trailer for a 2008 Coachman Adrenaline Surge toy hauler. It's 29' and has 12.5' of garage space and it will accomodate the T. It also has a 28 gallon "gas station."

The 2008 Turkey Run in Daytona may be the first car and trailer shake down.

Thanks for all the input.


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