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Radiator overflow bottle ideas

I’m wanting to put a radiator overflow bottle on my t bucket and am trying to get some ideas of how to mount it on. Not sure yet if I’ll go with one of the tubes from speedway motors, or just make one of my own with some sort of bottle. I’d love to see some pics of your t bucket overflow bottles to get some ideas.
Not very good photo but I just use a empty beer bottle/can........


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Here's mine. It was an aluminum soft drink bottle (iced tea, I think). The tube runs from the radiator overflow pipe to the catch can where I drilled a hole into a rubber stopper to hold it in place. Seems to work great for me. (early Mustang V-8 radiator)

PS - The bottle is held in place via a screw clamp to my radiator support.

Catch can.jpg

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