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Carrera Chrome coil over shock


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For the month of Sept we will be selling the Carrera Chrome gas charged coil over shock for just $279.90 a pair plus shipping. These shocks are:

14 5/8" extended
9 3/4" compressed
12 5/8" mounted height

We are also stocking front disc brake kits for the Chevy and Ford spindles.
If not another sponser here is.Wintec
ford4ever said:
Ron, are you making the disc brake kit that will fit on the Total Performance spindle?

We are making the brackets that fit on the Chevy car and truck spindle. Isn't the Total spindle a cross between the Chevy and the Econoline? Chevy brakes but Econoline king pins?
If I'm not mistaken, they use a early Ford hub ass. with a Chevy caliper bracket. they use Willwood
caliper and rotor. I'm looking for something cheaper! Speedway sells a complete front disc kit for
$259.00, but everybody I talked to said it's to heavy for the TP setup I have. I"m looking for everything to bolt right up to the TP spindles. Anybody have any answers??

Ron: Are these similar to the Carrera "street rod" shock that Speedway is selling? I have a pair of those on the front of my '27 and they came with red mount bushings. This didn't jive with my Blue, Chrome, and black scheme, but by the time I inquired about other colors, they had been bought out by QA1 or something. Speedway now sells them with Yellow (!) mounting bushings and told me that this is all they can get. I need a set of Black busings. For now I have some Energy Suspension bushings that I carefully "adjusted" to fit, but I really want some factory black ones. Can you help?
ughh...I guess I'll have to do with my "fabricated" black ones :sad:. I just don't see how they can sell a street rod shock with yellow bushings... Thanks for trying though!

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