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Check your e-mail address


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At the time you registered for this forum, you were required to submit a valid e-mail address as part of the registration process. That address was tested, to verify its validity.

We do require each member to maintain a valid e-mail address, for the receipt of notifications (subscribed threads, Private Messages, etc.).

Of late, I am seeing 20-30 bounced e-mails on the server, every day.

Take the two minutes to check/update your e-mail address in your User CP, here on the forum. Then take two minutes to check your e-mail account to be sure it is accessible. I get e-mails bouncing because your e-mail boxes are full, because the accounts don't exist, because this domain is black-listed, etc.

If this problem persists, I'll start placing some severe limits on the offending parties' forum accounts. It only takes a few minutes to check everything out and make the needed corrections, so I'm asking for your help on this. If you cannot help me out on this one, don't be terribly surprised to discover you cannot use the majority of the forum features when you log in. It's going to be a PITA to limit the accounts and it will be as big a PITA to remove the limits. So I will likely be a bit slow when it comes to removing the limits, if you catch my drift. ;)

I think everyone is familiar with the format of an e-mail address. Username @ domain name, right? The domain name you want to whitelist on your e-mail account is and the username is webmaster. Assemble those in the proper order and you will have it.
I am almost afraid to ask this question after being dressed down over my last contact with you. Please take into consideration that I am not nearly as computer literate as you. I have NO idea how to check my e-mail address.

I have gone to my profile and because of my limited skills, I could not find where my e-mail address was listed. I have two addresses and on one of them I keep getting a massage that I have not been participating and you would like to know why. I try to reply but the message keeps coming back.

Again, I will take total blame for my ignorance in this matter. Please take it easy on me in explaining where I am going wrong because it is not "easy peasy", as you have told me before.

Please do not take offense to what I have said. It is just that I can build some pretty decent cars but this computer stuff is still a little over my old head.
I am not the best at this but I do bang away at it. Try this.
1. Go to the Menu where it has " Quick Links " and click on the down indicator.
2. A sub- menu will drop down, you will see where " User Control Panel " is high lighted. Two lines below that is " Edit Your Details ". Click on that.
3. You should now see an area to " Edit Password & Email ".
4. That should get you to where you can check or change your email.

Sometimes people forget we grew up when you had to do calculations with a paper and pencil. Ball point pens where a new invention that always leaked in your pocket. The military had a computer, but it was the size of a warehouse.
Duke hit the nail right on the thumb.

There are some attached images below, to help you see what he is explaining. Hover your mouse pointer over each attachment and they will open for you.
Thank you,Duke, for helping this old caveman. I think I have done things correctly. Now I'll go back out in the garage where I feel much more comfortable. (There is no computer in the garage.)

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