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Chopped 32 Ford Grille


Hey guys, Hope everyone had a great turkey day! My question is that I wanna run the chopped 32 Ford Grille and radiator on my 23 T. Has anyone run this set up and which would look the best a 4 1/2 chop or the 6 inch that Total carries?
I had the chopped 32 grill that Speedway sells. I liked it. The pictures in my gallery should give you an idea of how it looked. I mounted the radiator a little too far forward and the spring perch interfered with the stainless insert so I never used it.
How much of a chop Steve?41/2 or the 6in.
According to what is offered on the Speedway site I must have bought the 4 1/2". I built my car over 10 years ago so I don't remember for sure but I didn't see a 6" chop offered. I think they only make two, the standard for the highboy 32 and the 4 1/2" chop for the 32 lowboy kit.
I bought the chopped radiator from Speedway. I also got a shell and another one from Sprit, but my frame was too narrow to use either of these so I cut and sectioned and remade and finally got the shell to fit but then there was no grille to be had. Long story to short I made it.





Wow, nice work Tbucit that's a beautiful looking ride.
Very nice piece of work Tbucit. I feel that it is very important, from a design aspect, that the grill shell should not be higher than the top of the cowl.
My ram is 21 3/8" at the radiator mount, guess I will have to contact Speeday tomorrow to get the width specs on the shell
We used a 6 inch chopped grille shell from Total Performance and it is just the right height for a T, I think the 4.5 would be too tall. As it is, my Son's '32 grille shell just clears the ground by a few inches and sits at the right height so it isn't taller than the cowl.

Here are some pictures to show how it looks:



In this picture you can sort of see how close it is to the ground.

I'm in the middle (start!:)) of using a chopped 32 grill. I think it's chopped 5 1/2". Using a chopped 32 radiator from Superior. Just mocking up at the moment, making sure everything will fit.

I'm having the axle in front of the grill now as per second picture but plan to have the cross member behind it.


tbucit's car is so awesome in so many ways. the detailing is next to none. looking forward to seeing what his son's will look like.

i think i would go with the total shell. it would look better to be too short rather than being to tall.


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