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Clausen Primer And Body Filler Company

Never heard of them but because they aren't at the top of the food chain doesn't mean they don't have a good product. There are other small companies out there that sell good products and bargain prices. I sold Rubber Seal products for a while several years back. They manufactured primers and clear coats. They had an excellent product line but because of warranties offered by PPG and DuPont for using their paint systems the small manufacturers are shut out. I wouldn't be afraid to try these products. In fact I will probably look a little deeper into Clausen's product line. Thanks for bringing them to our attention.
I just checked out their pricing. I haven't priced these types of products in a long time but these seem very reasonable. The problem is that they appear to only sell in case lots. A case of 4 one gallon cans of body filler is $82.50. Twenty something dollars a gallon a good price? I'm guessing it is. Unfortuately I wouldn't need 4 gallons of filler in a lifetime.
I have heard of it. That all u need is a good sprayable body filler, good to finish out poor fiberglass molds.Its all good just pick the filler that fit your needs.
when it comes to paint i would get the best you can, whatever brand, but i would talk to a couple of guys that paint for a living and see what they have to say... in paint and primers and stuff, its coverage and consistency that matters most..

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