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clevis ends


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do you guys use grade 8 bolts or us a shoulder bolts throught the clevis so when you tighten the bolt. you do not pinch the clevis to the bracket thats it mounted to
I use grade 5 hardware. And I use bolts long enough that there is no threads in the clevis or the bracket, only shoulder. And I use nylock nuts, snugged up pretty tight.
On a clevis end you really don't want any movement, as you would with a rod end, so tight is preferred. After all, no movement occurs at that point. On a rod end I tighten down snugly and use a very large washer on the outside in case the end fails, it will retain the rod end on the bolt. They have been known to fail.

Yes I just use farmer bolts for mockup, then when all ready for final assembly I use grade 5 or 8, 1/2" bolts, nylock nuts or Dome when I can find them, I use good lock washers with the dome nuts, and always use safety washers with any Heim joints on all tie rods and drag links Panard rods etc. ALL BOLTS are to be made TIGHT. and checked every now and then, especially steering arms bolted to spindles, that do not use three (3) bolts to hold them to the spindle.

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