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torque values for rear radius rod suspension


Hi guys. First of all, I want to say that I checked for torque values on rear suspension and couldn't find anything. I tore my 1927 Ford Roadster completely down and now attempting to put it back together. For me, I was always told by my Pops who owned a auto parts store and machine shop to use torque values where ever you can. I went to the Speedway website and no torque values. I bought QA1 coilovers, welded the mount on and looked for torque values and none in the directions. I then called QA1's technical support and the guy I spoke to was really confounded when I asked him for torque values for the top and bottom shock/coilover mounts. After thinking about it, he said 30 ft/lbs, then he said 50 ft/lbs. I guess how much you tighten things doesn't matter much any longer ? Anyway, I thought I might get an experienced person on here that might know what the clevis lock nuts on the radius rods front and rear might be. Any help would surely be appreciated.
Diameter, thread count and tinsel stringy all set values. I haven’t looked but I would bet ARP bolts has a chart somewhere. I have always used the red neck rule of thumb. Tighten it down til it smokes and back off 1/4 turn.
Just Google " nuts and bolts torque specs " Tried posting a PDF, but it said it was to long
Bill - Thanks for posting this reference sheet!
Thanks, guys for the replies and Bill for the reference sheet. Now if I could just memorize my password for the forum I would be doing a lot better. Ha !
You are absolutely right. Thankfully most parts have lock nuts, but like the idea on ones that don’t.

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