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cool t but narrow body


Look how the shifter is at an angle body looks really narrow.Nice shock mounting on front with driving lights.[ame=[media=youtube]CcrDajimo9o[/media] - 1922 Ford T-Bucket "A Coca Cola Classic Car"[/ame]
i was thinking the same thing Ted.the engine looks narrow too.but the pedal and shifter are throwing me off.
I have seem many people have their shifters and pedals all wierd in T's because there is not much for leg room, plus just to be different.. :) PLUS He has the steering coming out of the floor, and getting in and out is a Monkey job.. hehe
'Cept when i give the warden a thrill ride my arm hurts for days from her beating on my arm:cussing::)
Is the red pedal gas pedal if so where is the brake. I noticed a square boot at the bottom of the collumn. I wonder if this is some kinda Coke parade car. Seems to be room for only one clown though.
Look on th ebay site the gas pedal is on the passenger side also the firewall is just as wide as the motor.
when i said a parade car that is what i saw, the pedals on the otherside and the driver setting at a 45 deg twards the passenger side. Wave at the nice people!!!!!
The video is distorted width wise for some reason. If you look at the car from the side the rear wheels look like ovals instead of circles and I noticed a couple of other cars in the background (especially an F100 Ford) and they all looked very narrow. But distorted or not, the car does sound good!

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