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aloha all i live in Hawaii and am building my first hot rod at the age of 74 i will send some pics later i am wioring it now and will getthe bgody back on the frame for final check and then paint and upholstery have lots of questions and will be asking them soon
Welcome aboard! guess its never to late to roddin!! Pics good....:lol:
Welcome. We have another islander here in the middle of a rebuild.
ALOHA! Glad to have you here.:lol:
Welcome to the group, T4TWO in Honolulu is in the middle of a build.
butch27 said:
Yeah: What Fred said. Welcome, a lot of old timers here LOL:lol:

And I was going to say he was a little young to be playing with buckets.
Howzit, what part of the Islands are you from? I'm in Kaimuki. Yes, I'm in the middle of my build. But, I'm still taking care of other house related projects right now. Welcome to the site. Great bunch of gearheads here that will help with any questions you may have.

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