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Damage repair update.


New Member
Figured some of you would like to know how my repairs are coming. This is after an accident in Encinitas, California.

First, the steering box has been replaced by a new chrome Flaming River unit.. Thanks to Ted Brown, I put spacers in the front end components as required to releave a bind, Six total spacers installed, two on the drag link and 4 on the tierod. Made a new drag ling using the 1" stock I had. .250 wall DOM tubing.

Redid the portion of the body where the wood meets the fiberglass. Made two angles and screwed them into the firewall and the frame. Then I made rad supports from 1/2" lumnum solid stock. Drilled out two dowels and installed number 12 SS wood screws, then plugged with wood plugs. Headlight stand is done and tomorrow I pull new wires for headlights and park lights.

Newer Borgeson u-joints call for a chamfer on the set screw holes, did that. Set screws installed with blue Locktite and them cool lock nuts that are resuable up to 10 times.

New items include a hand laced leather limiter strap on the rear door and a battery cut-off switch.

Should be ready for a little cruise Saturday to a cool Irish Pub and restaurant. I'll get [ictures to Lumen Al and try to get them posted.

Cecil Misner
Good to hear, I especally like the Irish Pub idea. When I was in Ireland I found that the Pubs have the best food ( Pub Grub ).
And also, No more hard stops ... :hand:

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