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Daytona Turkey Run


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Anyone going to the Trukey Run this year in Daytona? I'll be there Friday through Sunday. I'll be staying at the Daytona Beach KOA.

Oh yeah. There's a bunch of us Florida guys that go every year. When it gets a little closer we'll set a time & place to meet...:D
I'll be there. I park with the North Florida Street Rod Association. They have 250 reserved spots on turn 4. I may have my T or my '37 Chevy.
Jim,Save some lunch for us Saturday.;)

They are letting me loose for the day...:D
Great! Glad to see that you are getting out Jim.
We will be there too, taking my T and my Son's T. Staying at the Ramada across from the track. Hope to meet some of you, and see some old friends too.:lol::)

We are going to the Turkey Rod Run in Daytona! We will be at the Hilton Gardens, It would be great to see all these beautiful buckets get together.

Also, as of midnight tonight the voting for Street Rod of 2008 begins for Street Rod Mag, our bucket has been honored with a nomination, We respectfully request you consider taking the time and cast your vote for our 23 T Bucket, Thank you

Built in 1978 – North Jersey’s very own, Moonkist has been honored with a nomination for Street Rod of the Year.​
[FONT=&quot]We would appreciate your vote on November 17th @

Looking forward to Daytona, see you there.
Sure hope this cold front passes. They are predicting mid 70's during the day but mid 50's at night. That is a little chilly in an open car. :eek:

That's why I put a heater in mine Don. You'd be surprised how much more enjoyable it is to drive on those chilly early mornings or evenings. I still say that it is the single best thing that I incorporated into the build of my T. Call me a sissy if you like but I'll be a warm sissy.
I know. When I lived in Pennsylvania, Summer was a Tuesday in July. :D Since I've been in Florida since '82 my blood has thinned out and if it gets below 60 now I freeze.

A few years ago I took my '27 roadster to a carshow and the temp dropped from the 70's to the 40's by the time I left the show at about 8 PM. It was so cold going home that I couldn't keep my right foot from shaking on the gas pedal. When I would pull out from a red light the car would keep chirping the tires as my foot shook up and down on the gas. :biggrin: As one light a guy pulled up next to me and rolled down his window, and said " You poor, dumb SOB!!" I could only agree.:eek:

Heck, I'm more worried about rain than cool weather. :eek:

All indicators from the news seems to be that the weather will be very pleasant, mid 70's during the day and a little chilly mid 50's at night, but there is no rain in sight. They also say the weather will get progressively warmer through Sunday, maybe hitting high 70's or even 80.

I've been going to Daytona for about 25 years, ever since it was in a parking lot at some Church, I think. There have been hot years and cold years, but the days are usually pretty nice.

I'm ready to hit the swap meet, I need a parts fix..........haven't bought anything for a while!! :lol::lol:

I just checked the forecast. Rain chances have decreased, but it's going to be cool during the evenings. What's up with all these stupid cold fronts that keep pushing through here?

Anyway, for you guys with open cars, get some biker leathers. I've been riding motorcycles for years and there is nothing that keeps the cold out like leather. I've tried down filled quilted nylon, waterproof vinyl with fleece, poplin with wool, etc, etc. Nothing works like leather. I have a leather jacket with a zip-out 3-M Thinsulate lining. It has zippered vents in the front, back, and sleeves, snap-shut collar. It works so well I ususally have to leave it partially open. If there's a biker shop nearby, go check it out. They also have face covers made from wet-suit material that will keep your cheeks nice & warm.

After that, go to Walmart and get a cheap rainsuit that will fit over your leathers. Then you're ready for whatever Mother Nature dumps on us.

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