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Decided to make this a drive the T-Bucket to work week


The weather's been really nice this week so i decided to make this a drive the T-Bucket to work week. It sure is a nice cruise home when i get off work at 12:15 am (i work 4 10 hour shifts from 1:45 pm to 12:15 am with every Thursday off). I work downtown in a 9 story building with a secured patrolled parking garage so there's no worries there. But for some reason everyone ask "Is that your hot rod?". I wonder if it's the NTBA, Summit or car show t-shirts that's the tip off?
The grounds and lot are secured where I work so I plan to drive my 27T, when it's done, to work on a regular basis. Plenty of warm, rainless days here in St. Louis for at least 8 months during the year.
Cool, its so much different driving the T's. They attract a lot more attention the a Harley. I had a guy run off the road the other day rubbernecking to check her out.
Well i almost made it all week. The home made shifter linkage broke Friday night so i didn't get to drive it to work Saturday. On the way home from work Friday night (actually Saturday morning about 12:30) i'm sitting at a traffic light and i hear a "How are you doing tonight?" and look over to see a Fresno PD with a big smile om his face. "Man i love that thing". A little idle chit chat about the car, the light turned green and i cruised on home.
My car caused two crashes that I know of anyway.. once while sitting in a drive-in in Hollywood, a fellow in a brand new Corvette ran into a car stopped at the light, whoooops forgot to stop, well look where I was going...(He came to check it out closer after the tow truck took it away, I told him I was sorry for wrecking his new Vet) another fellow almost side swiped me on the freeway looking at my car, then over corrected and crashed the car in the other lane, lucky I had enough power to get out of the way... Never drive faster than your Angel can fly... :foottap:
I just got back from a short cruise and got a thumbs up from a deputy sheriff.

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