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directional lights - front


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A few months ago I saw side mirrors with directionals built into them from T-performance but I don't think they offer them any more. Ideally I would like to find a small round preferably LED with a single back post to mount on my front shock supports for directionals in the front. Please chime in if you know of any places to start my search.
i used the bullit lights from total and mounted them to the friction
shock tabs on the front axle if you look at my gallery you will see them they look great
I have a pair of the mirros from T-Performace with the signals built in. They work great. If T-Performance does not sell then anymore, check with any motorcyle shop or catalog (JP cycles etc.). Even thought T-Performance sold them they are actually for motorcycles. The ones I have are Arlen Ness mirrors so I am sure you can find them elsewhere. Good luck with your search. If I get a chance I will try to post a link for you.
For the front turn signals, one clean way to achive this is to hide the signal in your headlight... if you're running H4 bulbs, you can use one of these:


and the look is something like this:


Speedway link is:,293_Turn-Signal-Indicator-for-H-4-Bulbs.html
I couldn't find a clean way to mount them on the front of my T so I only put the rear ones on. I figured I could use hand signals, and that is pretty much what I do. However, I am going to add a set of the Guide headlights that have the turnsignal/parking light on top of them sometime in the future and will install them in there.

I am also going to move my turn signal toggle switch to the center of the dash, it is very inconvenient under the seat and I tend to leave it on for miles and miles before I remember to turn it off. Of course, that's what we old people are supposed to do.........ride along in the left lane with our right turnsignal on. :eek::lol::D


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