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Dodge slant 6


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Has anybody seen a slant 6 in a bucket before?

I have seen alot of Ford and chevy 6s but no Slants.
Ok... it wasn't green but it is a slant 6! :biggrin:

Would that be two single barrels carbs, or two, two barrel carbs? Hard to tell from the pix. But it looks like two single barrel carbs. Something different, nice find.
I thought Clifford Performance made multiple carb intakes for them, but their website only shows a four barrel one currently, but I bet there are some old ones you can score on Ebay. Here is their lineup of 225 Mopar stuff:

If you wanted multiple carbs, you could use the same setup on their manifold that I just installed on my T. It comes from Vintage Speed and uses two Rochester 2GC carbs on an aluminum adapter. Actually looks kind of old timey when installed.


My thought is a custom tube intake manifold with a couple side draft snowmobile or motorcycle carbs.
the most famous slant 6 was in a lil' red roadster built bye tex smith called the xr-6 in '62. it was featured on the cover of hot rod in aug of '63. by that time it had won 3 of the major shows on the coast, one of them being the AMBR. google xr-6 and scrol down to xr-6 hot rod project car, milestone, street rodder.

Thanks for posting those pix's. Haven't seen a 225 slant six in a loooooooong time. Simple and ran forever.
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place i use to visit...

seems like i was reading alot of them were starting to mingle in turbos,injection and a few going completely nuts with them..

parts for these motors can be found but they arent cheap by no means.. for price spent you'll be better off with a mild, small cubic inch v8..
There is a guy local to me that has one with a slant 6 and a custom/homemade manifold for a single carb blower. Interesting.

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