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door hinges

Old Guy 65

What is everyone using for door hinges. The only ones I can find are way too thick. I only have about a 1/4 inch around the door. I need some thing thin. How about door latches?
I recessed the hinge and latch. I'm using a original pieces.

Yea, it's been there since 1980!
Does the door have to swing up ? Can it just open straight?

If you're on Facebook, Spirit has several videos on their page covering hinge installation so that the door will open straight.

The key is to get the hinge pins in line with each other and perpendicular or 90* to the ground.
The slickest way I have seen using this style hinge is to knock the pins out, then use a long piece of 1/4" threaded rod or all-thread through the pin holes and some nuts to hold the spacing between the hinges. Install the hinges so the rod ends up 90* to the ground, leaving the hinges on the threaded rod until they are fastened in place. Remove the rod when the install is done and your door will swing level with the ground.

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