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Down River Cruise


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Butch i want you and Thomas to be there.This is almost as big as the Dream Cruise on Woodward.I'll be at Meijers on Fort street.

This weekend - Downriver Cruise

Our site is again Meijer. We will have plenty of spaces available for Members Only. Because of the loss of the center section - in fairness, we must keep it to our members. Remember all parking to our members is first come first serve.

We have what Meijer calls the 'Green Belt Areas'. The 'north area' is closest to Rams Horn and the first driveway. The second is the 'south area' which is the last driveway by the gas station - adjacent to Saturn. If you would like to check out our areas, they are currently 'yellow or red caution' taped. The gas station is already controlled by 10 of our members.

Please see 'Rules of Common Courtesy' below. We've had these rules for six (6) successful years. All of you receiving this are considered 'Active', but we do have members who do not have emails: so please pass to your fellow members who may not have email access.

Friday Night - June 27th. Downriver Daddy-O's band from 6pm to 9 pm at the Meijer green belt area closest to Ram's Horn. Plus the children's play area. The lot will open at 5 pm and closing promptly at 10 pm. All vehicles must be moved by 10 pm. No chairs, tents etc allowed to remain overnight

Saturday, June 28th - Depending on traffic, the lot will open between 5:45 am and 6 am. Our committee guys will be there to show you where to line-up. You enter by going around the band stand to the grassy area. The lot attendants will pull in and get the roster to check names off at entry. No one but the lot attendants can remove the tape.

Meijer will be selling hot dogs, pop & chips at extremely reasonable prices.

Blues Brothers Tribute Band from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm and Vocal Point from 6 pm to 9 pm (both at the north green belt area by Ram's Horn).

A children's play area will be set up at the north end. This play area is provided by Meijer through the City of Southgate.

Rules of Common Courtesy:

No spots are reserved - First Come First Serve for all.

Come with your show vehicle, get checked in and go out & have fun. Put your chair to save your spot only.

No removing someone's chair after they have set-up and gone cruising. Violators will be asked to leave.

No Saving Spots for others.

No Everyday drivers inside the tape areas (that means family visitors - plenty of parking in Meijer lot).

No Barbequing (can bring a picnic lunch - no grills allowed).

If you are fortunate to get a front row spot, please be kind like in pass years and share with other members who may be in the other rows. The member who do share someone else's tent - please remember who's tent it is.


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