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drive shaft angle


What is the greatest angle you can have on a drive shaft? I've mocked up a drive shaft and it's 18 degrees right now.

How'd you get 18 degrees?
Is your engine at that much of an angle?
Thomas, I'm thinking if that measurement is right, your set up is way out of whack. Be sure of that measurement!

You got any pics?
I'll take some pictures tomorrow. It's the drive shaft that's 18 degrees from transmission to rearend. The rearend is neg. 2 degrees the transmission is at about neg. 2 degrees. Make any better since.:eek:

Thomas, are you referring to the side angle or the up/down angle? The side angle will be more because of the rear end housing. There are very few housings where the driveshaft would be straight from the tranny to the rearend. In fact, the bearings would not last long if there wasn't an offset.

In order for you to have 18 degrees, up or down, your brackets for the rear would have to be way off or your tranny would be either mounted too high or too low. I'm sure you followed Spirits instructions and I'm sure they made the brackets and trans mount correct. They seem to do good work.

Post pics when you can. I'm sure there's a simple explanation.
I just thought... did you mount your rear radius rods the right way? They set the housing in a correct position.
Thomas: If one is neg.2 then the other should be pos.2 or within a few degrees. They should ( combining both) equal 180 degrees Or within 3 to 5 degrees.
Here goes my two cents! I put a angle gauge ($7.99)@Lowes, on the face of the diff. yoke. 2deg down. Back face of trans. extension- 2deg up. = 4degrees total. Everything I've read says 2-5 deg., and the best is the same up on one as down on the other. It's a pain but not tooo bad...:D

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