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I have a Turbo 350 I stuck the trans yoke all the way in the trans and pulled it back out 1" and measured from center to center of the U Joint. Will this work? Is 1" out too much?
My local drive line shop says to do just as you did... 1". I have been doing it just as they say for many years with never a problem.
The guys got ya covered need just enough room to slide your driveshaft in and put the rear u-joint into the yoke.

As RPM said....make sure that you've got your suspension loaded OR when you let it down off the jacks and hita'll try to stack up solid.

Darn guys....its getting cold!
That's how I did mine ... finished driveshaft is only 7" center of u joint to center of u joint ... have not had any problems yet.
It is 40 degrees here, rainy, foggy ... forecast is low 20s this week and back to 60 this weekend. Hope to shoot some primer this weekend.

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