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Driving back from Wyoming


Took my 29 Sedan body/frame/parts up to Laramie WY for my son to work on for his Street Rod class and Chassis Fabrication class. Driving back thru Memphis, TX (south of Amarillo) yesterday I saw a blue T bucket and a primer gray 32 coupe for sale in front of an auto mechanics shop on the side of highway 287. Both looked nice. I did not stop but I saw some guy looking them over.
Drove right through my home town I bet (Dumas) and if you stopped for fuel at the truck stop you where 1 block from my house !
We spent the night in Dumas at the Days Inn coming back from Laramie. Amarillo is just about exactly halfway. It's about 10 ½ hours from Laramie to Amarillo, and it's about 10 ½ hours from Amarillo to Houston. Really depends on gas stops and food stops. We will be going back up again the end of September and pick up the sedan when Ryan graduates there at Wyotech.
I must confess that I envy you. Of course, I grew up in Colorado and visited Wyoming a number of times before I was out of high school. And running 48 states in a truck, I've been all over out there. Unfortunately, driving a truck is not actually traveling, and there's no real enjoyment of it.

Wyoming in the summer is a great place. I don't need it any other time of the year. However, if I won the lottery, I'd buy a house to live in in Hawaii, but I'd rent a cabin in Jackson Hole for Christmas.
We catch a lot people from down south Texas going to the northern states seems most come through Dumas . I have seen lots of cars on trailers headed north
If I won the Lottery I'd have a nice house on the beach. But it would be somewhere between Jontiem and Sattahip in Thailand. And I would be there from end of Oct to first of March. Even though it does not get real cold here in Houston, it gets cold enough for me to leave.

And I'd have a nice log home here on 10+ acres, near a river, rolling hills, trees and a 100x50 shop as well as garages for 10 cars and motorhome. In my dreams......

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