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Just got home from Colorado, including Colorado Springs location of 2010 NTBA Nats


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My family and I just got home our Colorado Vacation. We had a great time. Spent the last day in Colorado Springs where the 2010 NTBA Nats will be held. Below are a few observations.

Gas is 85, 87, 91 octane. Couldn't find 93 octane anywhere. Avg price was $2.49 for 85 and $2.79 for 87.

State Troopers everywhere. I got pulled over and given a warning for 74 in a 65. TEXAS residents, you need to have the registration receipt in your vehicle. The sticker on the windshield doesn't cut it. Also there several construction zones along I25 and speed limit drops to 55, the troopers like to hang in these areas. I bet we would see a trooper or county sheriff every 10-20 miles, some in plain unmarked cars.

I-25 from Denver to Colorado Springs, several places under construction, Speed Limit reduced to 55 mph. Also lane shifts and narrow lanes.

If you're coming through Amarillo, HWY 287 is under construction in several areas. Also, you may get stuck behind Oversized load trucks carrying blades for the huge wind turbines. There's a very large wind turbine farm just south of Lamar Colorado.

Drove up Pike's Peak . They're getting ready for the Hill CLimb on the 19th. Several places were being graded. The first 11 miles are paved, then theres about 3 miles gravel/dirt, then another 2 miles paved, then the last 2 miles are gravel/dirt. Rangers were checking brake temps on the way down with infra red gun. If your front rotors are over 300 degrees, they make pull over and wait until they cooled off. The temp in the CS was 82, the temp at the top was 50. Also VERY windy. The views were awesome. The air was very thin, even I was a little woosy at the top. The drive down in done in FIRST gear or LOW gear. The avg speed is about 20 mph. They recommend at least half a tank of gas, but what you need is enough gas to go 38 miles in your lowest gear. There were a few diesel trucks (duramax, powerstroke)trying to go up and they seemed to be running rich (lots of black smoke). You brakes need to be in top notch working order. There several grades that are over 8%. There a water stations at a couple of the pull offs in case you overheat. The thinner air makes it easier to overheat. Saw a couple of cars pulled over with the hood up, steaming. My 2008 Silverado did ok. Even with it in 1st gear on the way down, I still had warm rotors, Ranger said I was at the max but I could keep going. I pulled over at the little rest stop and let them cool off anyway.

Those staying at the Best Western, If your trailering you may need to find somewhere to park your trailer. They have enough room for maybe 5 or 6 trailers and tow vehicles. There are NO spaces you can pull through.

The Crowne Plaza (host hotel) looks like a big adobe house. LOL. Large Parking area in the back. It's real close to Seven Falls, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Bear Creek Park, and HWY 24 which goes to the Pike's Peak Highway.

Those of you that are out of shape like me, it's time to start getting in shape. The thin air makes it hard to walk up stairs or walk up hills. I was huffing after 250 steps at the Cabrini Monument in Golden. Didn't make 200 steps at Seven Falls before I started huffing. It also made a difference in the performance of my Silverado.

Garden of the Gods was beautiful. The Trading Post is a must stop for souvenirs.

Seven Falls was great too.

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