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driving carefully


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take from another board...(hamb)....

From what I read the guy was thrown from the roadster. He's injured but to what extent don't know. Anyone able to read Norwegian?


Is the current owner a HAMB guy? I guess the past owner was Brian Setzer.
Yea, hot rods don't take damage too well. When I scoot around, I am so careful, but in a city like Houston, you have to be. People have too many distractions and some just don't care. Yesturday, I was driving up and down my block and came to a stop sign. A guy in a truck was behind me and I guess he thought it would be cool to get right up on me! Like about 2' from the back of my car.:eek::mad: Not much I could do, since my car is about as illegal as it can be, but this is sure to forcast future incidents.

We have to watch for bad roads, other drivers and even our own inattention. I have a tendency to watch my wire wheels sometimes. I'm still learning how this car handles and get a surprise almost everytime I take her out.

I hope this guy comes out okay. Looks like he used to have a nice car, but cars can be replaced. Limbs and lives can't.
Man that looks bad, I hope hes ok.
We just had this discussion on here about safety and seatbelts. That picture shows exactly why I DON'T want them. These things always end up upside down, and I don't want an 1800 pound car sitting on my noggin. :eek::eek: I'd rather take my chances flying through the bushes.

Wow, that's too bad. I too hope he's OK.

He wasn't thrown all the way out,car landed on his arm.
he's in ICU over there.
They are blaming people and "junk cars" on the road
That's just another reason I want a cage. With how careless other people are, how open these cars are and how fast they can be I can't imagine not having a cage. I know it may not look as cool, but I'd rather be safe. Of course I'm not saying anyone else is wrong. I can totally understand why some would rather not even wear a belt in these cars.

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