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Drum brake Question


Hey guys, I have a quick question about rear drum brakes. I have an 8 in. rear with the small bearing and I was wondering if the drum brakes from a 1982 Ford LTD would fit, the LTD is a 7.5 in. I believe
Didn't know FORD made a 7,5. I know they made a 8", 9" and now make a 8.8". Is the 7.5 the same rear that was in the Ranger and Bronco II?
Yep, the 7.5 was used even in Mustang Fox cars up until about 85, then the 8.8 took over pretty much. I had an 85 T top car with the 7.5 in it. I somehow don't think the brakes will interchange for you though.

Well I lined up the backing plates to the housing and they all line up. I was wondering if the distance from the bearing to the back of the axle flange would matter, Im using rearend from Tperf. The reason for drum and not disc is because I have them on hand, but if not it will be disc
Just my opinion but i wouldn't mess with the brakes.If it's an 8" put the right brakes on it .Just think of who could get hurt or killed if the brakes on your ride gave out.
Never mind on the question guys. Contacted the very helpful people at Currie Enterprise and they said the brakes would work

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