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Dual Track Automatic Garage Door Locking System

Discussion in 'Shop Tools and Tricks' started by Indycars, Jan 27, 2022.

  1. Indycars

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    Mar 11, 2010
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    Information Technology (IT) 15yrs, Then Retired
    You may already know or have seen a video like the one below. Like most of us here I have lots of valuable stuff in my garage. Not only is it valuable but it has great emotional value, I've had my car since 1979.

    Don't believe there is an emotional component to this hobby.

    Well I have never had a garage door opener, but I put a c-clamp every night in one track. But that's not going to stop someone from putting a pry bar under the other side and lifting the door enough to slide underneath.

    So I did my homework and came up with the system you see below. There are certainly cheaper ways to do something very similar, but this did everything I wanted and was completely automatic. It also has the added benefit of me knowing if my garage door is open or shut by checking my phone. I can open/close it from my phone, so if needed I could open it for a repair man even when I'm not there. Best part is being able to schedule the door to close every night at 9 pm, this way I don't get in bed and then wonder if I actually shut that damn door! I'm out there every day, so there are 365 changes every year for me to forget.

    Below is a video of the system I built. If you like what you see, then keep reading after the video.

    I decided on this Dormeyer 3000-M-1 linear solenoid to pull the 1/2" pin out of the track so the door could open/close. It's rated for Continuous Use at 25watts, although it's only on for a few minutes typically.


    I needed a fixture to hold everything in alignment, so I designed the below setup in FreeCAD.


    Then I printed them on my AnyCubic Chiron 3D printer.



    I wanted to keep all the wiring in the attic and off the ceiling, that included the power and also the sensors that detect anything that is under the door. Also the wall module that goes by the door leading inside. So in the attic I go!!! Had to unscrew the floor to get access.


    Next was to modify the Chamberlain B750 garage door opener. It has 2 lights and I'm going to use one of them to supply power to both linear solenoids. Each light can be 100w and each solenoid draws 25w, so I should be good.

    What makes this lock and unlock when needed is that the lights come on anytime the opener is activated. This powers the solenoids pulling the 1/2" pin out of the track allowing the door to open. Then when you close the door the light times out after 4 minutes (this can be adjusted) and the springs pull the pin back into the track, locking the door!!!


    I removed the side of the opener and pulled the spade connector off the light and cut them off. Then I wire nutted them to cable in the flexible metal conduit going into the ceiling and eventually over to the wall just above the locks (See the photo below). That's the yellow 12-2 Romex with the writing in the photo above. To install the metal conduit, I drilled a hole in the plastic side of opener. It snapped in just like it was made for it !



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    #1 Indycars, Jan 27, 2022
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  2. old round fart

    old round fart
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    Feb 5, 2008
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    That is so sweet!you are going to love the opener!
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